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Can any eco-dishwashing soap really tackle the tough jobs?

The answer is: yes. But so many people I know have guiltily headed back to conventional products after trying eco-soaps that are watery and ineffective.

Ecover's various dishwashing soaps do a really good job, are widely available and are generally in the mid-upper band of the price range. Since they are pretty viscous, a little goes a long way. The main problem with them, for those of us who are based in north America, is that they are all manufactured in Europe (albeit in an eco facility, that uses only green electricity, has a green roof, etc.). Now, shipping heavy liquids across the Atlantic does not make much sense and is costly in carbon terms. So I have tried a number of the products that are made closer to home.

Here in Canada, my favourite product is made by a Montreal company called Bio-Vert.
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It comes in two scents, citrus and green apple. I prefer the former but that is a matter of opinion. Bio-Vert has an informative website and, as far as I can make out, a pretty strong commitment to green products. Post-consumer recycled materials are used in packaging and the company is presently undertaking a full life-cycle assessment of all its products. Best of all, this dish-soap really works, even on tough pans.
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